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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Picovoli- the tragedy

So I cast off picovoli last night, only to discover it had stretched to oddly large proportions. It is so much wider than it is long.

The arm holes are HUGE. I even added two rows of single crochet to the tops of the sleeves and made these odd little seams that attach some of the underarm to the top of the sleeves in an attempt to save this thing. They are still too big.

I think I may have to try the downsizing tutorial over at chicknits and take this sucker in on both sides. It's baggier than it's supposed to fit, and that I could deal with if it weren't for the freaking gigantic armholes. I even followed all the tips on casting on tightly and picking up and extra stitches and knitting them together to keep the armholes from being too big. I think the yarn I used just has a lot more give than I expected. Let's hope I can save this one.


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