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Friday, May 25, 2007

Vest is Finished!

It took me forever, but it's done. It wasn't any more difficult than the other vests, but school prevented me from working on it much. As I needed all my crazy pages of notes, it wasn't a particularly portable project.

What's black and white and black and white and red?
My "sorry I knit so slowly, hope this makes up for it" yarn that I sent with the vest.

These are in the mail on the way to my personal swap partner. I hope she likes them.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Quick baby sweater

There are a hundred other things I need to be doing like looking for a new job, and finishing swap items, but my mom needed a baby shower gift. I needed a simple project to work on while looking after about 40 youth at a conference at my Unitarian Universalist Church. I love UU cons, but they are not the place for complicated projects. It was the perfect time to work on this little simple kimono sweater from mason dixon knitting. The youth and I also did some knitting graffiti at the con. I'll post some pics if I can get some. I unfortunately forgot to bring my camera.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cable vest, finished SKB, and yarn.

My poor little subaru died. I've been spending hours on the bus. Yuck. I don't mind public transportation, but Seattle's system has lots of room for improvement. I miss Chicago some times. Anyway this leaves me lots of knitting time, but not so much blogging time, or time for anything else. I've been making slow but steady progress on the second cable vest. I've been trying to turn my notes into a pattern along the way. I've got the back and one front completely done. I'm working on the second front now. Then I just need to pick up stitches for the boarder/ collar. I had rip half of front #1 because I was so intent on keeping the cable pattern that I forgot to start the arm hole shaping. Duh! I was so mad at myself. Oh well.

I finished the simple knitted bodice, but the neck got weird and saggy after blocking. I carefully threaded some beading elastic along the neckline to fix this. I'm happy with the results.

I have figured out navajo plying. I have tried before with mediocre results. I think I have it down now. The roving was also hand dyed by me. I'm really happy with how it turned out. It's being mailed off in a swap for a copy of Nancy Bush's folk socks.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Handspun single

This is from a while ago, but I never posted any pics. I haven't decided what to do with it yet.

Blocking Bodice

All the knitting is done. I only had 5 inches of yarn left! It was so close. Carrying the sequins along while knitting was too much of a pain so I plan to sew some more on once it's dry. I adore this pattern. I love how the sweater looks. I omitted the purl ridges on the body and replaced them on the neckline and bottom edges with seed stitch. I made the medium size, but did some extra rows before connecting the v neck to accommodate my chest. I used knit picks andean silk which I now love and can't wait to use again. I've heard some people say it was too scratchy, but it's not for me.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Baby Jeans!

I made the blu pattern from knitty. They are so cute. I just need to weave in a few ends and sew in the elastic. Then I've got to quickly get them to my friend's little girl before she grows any more and they don't fit!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Simple Knitted Bodice

I started the simple knitted bodice. I'm also making another cabled vest, but I haven't taken pictures yet. I'll do that soon. Hopefully I'll have a pattern to share for the vest also.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Gift Recipients

There was wine bottle cozies, hats, a mini clapotis scarf among others. I did lots of other gift knitting, but because I'm horrible they have not been mailed yet. Eek! If they ever make it to AZ I'll post pictures of those too.