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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Duct tape dress form

I've been working on my Klaralund rip off. Half a sleeve to go. I spun my first coiled yarn. I made it pumpkin like because it's a gift for a friend who has an October birthday and a Halloween themed party every year. The purple/blue/green is some handspun for a swap. The grey/black/white is a big huge skein that I may keep. I have some more of that wool to spin still.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have some handspun, a few FOs, and a WIP to show off.
The yarn is on it's way to lasandri. Hopefully some will show up in her fantastic "crazy lasandri hats." Check out her etsy shop. She rocks. The tiny sweater is the baby bolero from one skein. I added some multi color mohair around the edge so it would match the booties I already made of of the same yarn. It's for my friends Amanda and Craig's little one who is scheduled to make her grand entrance into the world in early December. I took another shot of the vest, and I think I'm going to crochet a quick round of single crochet on the ribbing to help with the slight wonky-ness of the collar. I'm a perfectionist. The blue thing is my attempt to make a Klaralund sweater with out the Klaralund pattern. I decide to knit the body portion in the round. It's in Paton's classic wool which I really dig. The color is great and it's pretty cheap. The Klaralund pattern was written for noro and eventually I'd love to make another in the noro. Mmmm Noro.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


It's done! This is for a craftster swap. It's a recreation of this vest.

I'll take better pictures later. I was just really excited that it's finally finished and looks (at least vaguely) like the original.

And here's the one I made. I hope rosali likes it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

beer and socks and the simpsons

I have a few big projects going, one being an almost finished cable knit, self designed vest. I need a break. So, I dug out the socks I'm working on for Steve, opened a beer and turned on the Simpsons. I promise someday I'll have an actual FO to show you guys. For now it's just one more WIP. The chair is one that Steve brought with when he moved in. It's my new favorite place to sit and knit.